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Baby Girl Name: Arayna. Meaning: Queen. Origin: Latin.

Baby Girl Name(s): Auriana and Oriana. Meaning: Wind, and Sunrise. Origin: Latin.

Baby Boy or Girl Name: Wyatt. Meaning: Brave in Battle. Origin: Old English; Medieval English.

Baby Boy or Girl Name (predominantly male): Idris. Meaning: Fiery Leader (Welsh) Prophet (Arabic) Pronounced with a short "I" sound in Welsh, pronounced more like ee-dris in Arabic.

Baby Boy Name: Avi (ah-vee). Meaning: My Father is Mighty. Origin: Hebrew.

Baby Boy Name: Hale. Meaning: Ingenious. Origin: German; English.

Baby Boy Name: Seth. Meaning: Appointed One. Origin: Hebrew.

Baby Boy Name: Luke. Meaning: Light. Origin: Latin; English; Irish.

Baby Boy or Girl Name: Landon. Meaning: From the Grassy Plain. Origin: English.

Baby Boy Name: Griffin. Meaning: Red Haired; Fox. Origin: Latin; Old English; Irish; Welsh.

Baby Boy Name: Nathaniel. Meaning: Gift of God; Given by God. Origin: Hebrew; English; Irish.

Baby Girl Name: Liyana. Meaning: Soft; Tender. Origin: Arabic. The Hebrew name "Liana" is pronounced the same way and means "My God Has Answered".

Baby Girl Name: Tessa. Meaning: Harvester; Summer; Countess; Fourth. Origin: Greek.

Girl Name: Eowyn. Meaning: Horse of Joy. Origin: J.R.R. Tolkein's written world, Rohan.

Baby Boy or Girl Name: Noah. Meaning: Comfort. Origin: Hebrew; English; Irish; Dutch.

Baby Girl Name: Lily. Meaning: Pure. Lily has origins in most cultures worldwide.