This is a really nice way to store seeds

This is a really nice way to store seeds. I currently have all mine in wide-mouth quart jars (w/ dessicant packets to keep them dry).

Vertical Garden Using Plastic Milk Bottles...

I will try that! - Instead of disposing empty plastic bottles, why not re-use through this practical vertical garden idea!

Upcycle your juice cartons

Juice Carton Crafts - we had fun making this Owl Bird Feeder! Could use a milk carton.

Take an old cup and make a birdfeeder. There is no website. I wonder what is holding the stick in? dot

A great craft idea to while away the cold winter days. Use vintage china to make plant pots, bird feeders, light fittings or candles.

Markers voor de moestuin - DE GROENE VINGER

Garden Markers - Vegetables - Rustic Twigs - set of 5 5 gorgeously rustic vegetable plant markers made from twigs from my yard.

Nut van eierschalen in de tuin - Nederlandstalige website

Using Egg Shells in The Garden. Save your Egg shells. Add ground shells to the bottom of planting holes for tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. a nice dose of calcium helps prevent blossom end rot that commonly affects these crops.

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Fantastic idea - and to involve the boys! potting shed idea: reuse your milk packages! cut open, soil in it, seeds and write on the cutted piece what you're growing.

Peanut butter mixed with bird seeds, mix together and put it in a cookie cutter with a stick where ever you want it then whala!!! Bird treat!

Every bride and groom wants a unique gift for their reception. Check out these 10 awesome wedding favor ideas to get you inspired. I especially love the DIY birdseed hearts.

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