De platenzaak toen, een lp of singletje uitkiezen en dan kon je hem luisteren met koptelefoon en dan wel of niet kopen.

flipping through albums in a record store. THE record store Tower records when I was a kid, and then looking through all the CDs with my son when he was a teenager! I miss Tower Records!

I remember playing with this.

Vintage Fisher Price activity centre, I can remember my "baby" sister having the exact same one


Mastermind -- My Aunt had this at her house, played it at every family function.

Eau de Cologne de 4711.

4711 Colonia - Original Eau de Cologne de 4711 - Agua de colonia: perfume - agua de colonia

Eau de Cologne de Citrus with traces of rosemary and lavender, a spicy, ethereal scent for men and women, 4711 originated in Cologne in 1792 as a monk's secret formula for invigorating, medicinal "miracle water." This was Grandma's favourite perfume.

Chicklets piepkleine kauwgummetjes

Things of the past ( ) - Dingen van vroeger ( ) ( Chicklets )