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a woman standing next to a cross on top of a white wall with crochet
the crochet pattern is shown in three different colors
a crocheted sweater sitting on top of a wooden table
Women's crochet cardigan crochet project by Claudia J
This type of cardigan (colorful granny squares) is the reason I learned to crochet. I live in South Africa so the beautiful yarns used in some patterns are either very expensive or are not available locally. About a year ago I started researching yarn types and weights, determined to find locally available equivalents. This is my first attempt. I substituted the Scheepjes Soft n Fun with Charity Dk and Lollipop Dk to match colors and yarn weight. Loving every minute of making this!
a crocheted jacket hanging on a clothes hanger in front of a white door
Ручки вяжут | Вязание
A Granny Square Crochet Cardigan Jacket Free Pattern >> Make and Do Crew
a black and white sweater laying on top of a bed
a woman wearing a black and white coat standing on stairs with her arms out to the side
Cardigan Free Pattern
Cardigan Free Pattern
an image of a ruler with different lines and numbers on the bottom half of it
the crochet sold granny game is shown on an iphone
crochet patterns and instructions for the hexagonal granny potholder, which has been
Crochet Coaster/Mate - Crochet Placemat - Crochet Runner
Crochet Coaster/Mate - Crochet Placemat - Crochet Runner
a crocheted jacket is displayed on a mannequin's dummy in the grass
the crochet granny blanket is shown in different colors and sizes, along with an image