Gemaakt met (aan de lucht drogende) klei van bv hema

Easy seashell kids craft tutorial By Hoppin Up. this would be a great way to save the shells from the beach

Schelp versieren in groep 3!

I think we have sea shells in our craft closet?

Creatief met schelpjes

I've loved making these since the kids were little, but never thought of dying the shells - kind of a Caribbean feel

dieren gemaakt van schelpen leuk idee voor onthaalouder of voor in de kleuterklas.

Easy Salt Dough Keepsakes - Shell Pendants

Art: These Seashell Craft ideas are a great way to preserve those special holiday memories. Turn them into Ladybugs, Rainbow Shells, Birds, Fish or Mermaid Necklaces. You can even show the kids how to Grow Crystal on Seashells as a science experiment.

Clam Shell Critters

Clam Shell Critters

Summer is beach time and the kids will have a great time turning in those clam shells they collected into these Clam Shell Critters.

mobielen vind ik erg decoratief. Natuurlijk in een andere uitvoering dan voor kinderen. Een mobiel maken is een leuk zelfmaak project

I spotted this sea shell wind chime earlier today. It reminds me of what I used to do when I was a teenager. I used to collect a lot of sea shells from the shore and make all kinds of toys. And wind chimes were my favorite. I hang them &

In klei stempelen met schelpen

Seashell Clay Ornaments by suzieattaway on Etsy