Super cute idea! Especially since I tend to forget which side to sit on...I'm really bad at being a girl.

How to Plan a Blended Family Wedding

Wedding sign- needs a bit of punctuation but I like it. Today two families become one; so pick a seat, not a side. :) until they fight then pick the brides side:)

stacked crates

Creative Wedding Menu Display Ideas

Spray paint crates a light grey with white marker to display your menu etc

8 ways to have a kid friendly wedding. You'll have ecstatic parents and content kids.   #kidsatweddings #kidfriendlywedding #weddings

31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas: instead of a kids table include a small bucket of crayons and coloring books on each table, with a sign that says "for kids and adults who love to color". Or something similar to that phrase:) kids area, let them be free!