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A creative CV. Clearly organised, which is sometimes lacking with creative CVs. A bit light on details of skills and experience for the UK.

#resume, #graphicdesign, 3info graphic resume...(totally changing my resume now)

When looking for a designer, resume style counts. I& hire a designer who uses his/her resume to showcase creativity even if it had a typo over one that& flawless but goes the standard route. I can teach a person to proof. Creativity is God given.

50 Resume Designs That Help You Get Dream Job - Dzineblog360. (Yes, but unless you're a graphic designer how do you send them a resume that isn't .doc?)

creative resume 17 Fantastic Examples of Creative Resume Designs. This is, we feel, a very girly designed CV. While it clearly shows the designers personality and skill, is this the image you want to portray to possible future employers.

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