How To Grow An Avocado Tree

The next time you eat an avocado or use one in a recipe, save the stone or pit. Planting your own avocado tree is fun and easy. It is a perfect task for all ages - for the garden, for indoors, and also makes a great project for class or at home!

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Saints and Spinners: Gnome Home. I've always heard these called fairy doors, but I like the gnome home so much more.

Too cute!

This Creative ideas for plant flower in small house or apartment use olds shoes pot. here is the Old Shoes Planters - Creative Ideas Use Old Shoes to Plant Flower. old shoes something otherwise useless and you can transformed it into a quirky garde

Stunning Low-Budget Container Gardens : Outdoors : Home & Garden Television

Stunning Low-Budget Container Gardens

Kitchen Capers - Old or damaged kitchen-related items can be repurposed into an unexpected planter. Cooking pots and pans, colanders, cupcake tins, measuring cups or any other items meant for holding liquid or dry materials - nifty!

Making a water garden

Welcome to the diy garden page dear DIY lovers. If your interest in diy garden projects, you’are in the right place. Creating an inviting outdoor space is a good idea and there are many DIY projects everyone can do easily.


The link doesn't go to anything related to this pin but the image gives me a good idea for some seed growing using these types of containers.

It does not take simple thing each day or if you are too busy...then at least once a week...change the cycle

I didn`t grow up identifying with beauty. I grew up thinking I could be smart and funny - those are the things I got feedback on.

Wallflower Vertical Garden 3

Blackboard Herb Gardens

The Wallflower Vertical Garden is a modular planter system by Haldane Martin, created to enable city dwellers to grow their own plants.

Zaden van eenjarigen verzamelen door Tom Kooken |

Zaden van eenjarigen verzamelen door Tom Kooken |