Een veldboeket is prachtig. Op de eettafel, of naast de TV. Met deze 10 stappen maak jij je eigen frisse veldboeket. Succes!

There are so many different types of flowers from around the world. This list offers some of the most popular that have their own spectacular features.

Lotus bowl

How to Grow Lotus Flower. Lotus flowers are beautiful aquatic plants that represent beauty and purity, and they are available in a range of sizes and colors. The most common colors are red, pink, yellow, and white. The plants can be grown.

Prachtig deze kleine vaasjes met witte ranonkels

Minimal white ranunculus in glass vases. Centerpiece Idea - Such a Pretty Centerpiece and can be placed in any room including outdoors. White is always right.

High edged vaas lichtblauw - Fenna Oosterhoff - BijzonderMOOI* - Dutch design

Beautiful flowers in a beautiful vase ('High edged vaas" - Fenna Oosterhoff - BijzonderMOOI* - Dutch design).

I've been prepping for my upcoming SXSW event with Jonathan Adler and have been running around town seeking out great flower arrangements. I ended up bringing home a TON of greenery because something about the color green is just giving me good vibes right now. The weather outside is absolutely gorgeous and fresh green in the home just makes me feel more alive. In addition to adding a little something extra to the decor, plants breathe good energy. It stimulates the energy or the spac...

Weekend decorating idea: bring in some NEW green

Deze kamerplanten zijn onmisbaar in een gezond huis - Alles om van je huis je Thuis te maken |

Deze kamerplanten zijn onmisbaar in een gezond huis

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