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an old fashioned birthday card with two birds on the branch and pink roses in the foreground
Vintage Bird Ephemera and Images
Vintage bird ephemera and images - from vintage bird birthday cards to vintage hummingbird cards to book pages with birds, this collection of vintage bird images and ephemera will help you make your junk journal a little more beautiful. #ephemera #junkjournal #vintage #vintageimages #printables
an old match card with the words topps safety matches on it and a winged angel holding roses
A Paper Bear Art Journal Tumblr
Match Box Label
two black and white birds sitting on top of a bird nest with their beaks touching
Birds Nests and Bells
Love this...Vintage Valentine's day postcard, swallows and apple blossoms
an easter card with lily of the valley flowers and bible verse on it's front
Vintage Easter Postcard - Religious, German Printing, Embossed
Ostern Rahmen
a woman sitting at a table with an old sewing machine in front of her face
I Love Lucy Products over 700 Items in Stock
Lucy and a sewing machine
a small bird perched on top of a pine cone with words written below the image
Joyeux Noël ~
Vintage Christmas Bird postcard
a drawing of a pine tree with green leaves on it's top and bottom branches
So pooped....
a thanksgiving card with autumn leaves and wishes for giving day on the front cover is an old fashioned frame
Magic Moonlight Free Images
Magic Moonlight Free Images: September 2010
a painting of a baby playing in a tub
Charlotte Becker P1 WATER
an old fashion photo of a woman sitting on a bench in the snow with her dog
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a woman holding a book in her hand
Spanish Prize
The story goes that in 1903 Perfumer Salvador Gal passed through the small village of Pravia and was utterly taken by the smell of freshly cut hay and flora on the air. He sought to recreate it and the Heno de Pravia range of soaps and colognes was born.
a painting of a woman sitting on a chair with flowers in her hair and the words roger
Erreur 404
Cartel Roger & Gallet #RogerGallet #Euphorisant #Euphoric
a painting of a woman washing her hair
Anuncio de Jabón Heno de Pravia. La fábrica de perfumes, colonias y jabones Gal fue fundada por el guipuzcoano natural de Irún Salvador Echeandía Gal en 1898.