Super cute idea for the 100th day of school--building a 100 cup structure. A great way to get kids' creativity flowing!!

day of school. love this idea! You can put students in groups and have them come up w/ a structure w/ 100 cups. Would be interesting to see what they come up with! *I can't get the song "Red Solo Cup" out of my head after seeing this pin!

Een klok in de klas combineren met de digitale klok!

Een klok in de klas combineren met de digitale klok!

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Math: Area math game: Roll the dice and draw the area array on your own grid - first to fill it wins. Or 2 players choose a different coloured pen each, use one grid and the player who cannot complete the last array is the loser.

Domein: Getalbegrip Onderdeel: Omgaan met hoeveelheden. Doel: Tellen van hoeveelheden (resultatief tellen). Begrippen rond hoeveelheden bijvoorbeeld meer, minder, evenveel. Getalbeelden (her)kennen. Redeneren over hoeveelheden.

Counting on fingers is a natural thing for children to do - these Wooden Counting Hands provide a clear structure for recognising quantities.

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