Chocolate Dipped Apple Slices - I love this could do a caramel layer first.  So much easier to eat than the whole version!

CANDY APPLE SLICES~ 4 large apples red or green, 1 pack of skewer sticks. Wash and cut apples into thick slices. Dip into candy. Great idea for Chocolate Covered apples, Red Candy apples, and Caramel apples!

VEGETARIEN - Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake--Its got a moist buttery cake, thick cream cheese filling, sweet jam made from fresh strawberries, and a nice crumb topping. What could possibly be better than this? It IS the PERFECT coffee cake! home-sweet-home

Pretzel S’mores, sweet & salty oh freaking yum. There goes my weight loss plan!

Pretzel S’mores

Pretzel S’mores, sweet & salty oh freaking yum. There goes my weight loss plan! Use gluten free pretzels for fun!

Cake van yoghurt met appel

Cake van yoghurt met appel I chance the amount sugar in less coconut sugar

Miss Puur » Zoete en gezonde worteltaart met walnoot en amandel

This carrot cake is so delicious that you always would want to eat it. For breakfast, snack, lunch, dessert . Good news, it's so healthy that you really can eat it any time of the day without guilt 😉

***LIGHT*** Yoghurtcake. 3 eieren 1 kleine magere yoghurt of kefir (150g) 1 theelepel zoetstof 4 eetlepels maizena 2 theelepels bakpoeder een paar druppels vanille (of amandelsmaak). Warm de oven voor op 180 graden C. Meng alle ingrediënten tot een glad deeg . Giet in een beboterde bakvorm. Bak 40 minuten.

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