paper plate aquarium.

Paper Plate Aquarium Craft I did this a long time ago in my classroom. The kids loved it


Easy DIY craft tutorial ideas for free printable paper toys. Paper toys are fun to make and fun to play with. Great for kids and adults.

CD fishies

CD fish Have any old CD's lying around? Make these fun fish with the kiddos. 13 kid-friendly crafts using recyclables

really neat texture/silhoutte project

Art Lessons For Kids — Animal Silhouettes and Patterns

Pinguïn op ijsschots. Gemaakt door groep 7 en 8.

Give it a balloon and pair it with a Sick Day for Amos McGee (write theme or memory verse on balloon)

The Scream art lesson sample (5th)

"The Scream" Famous Painting by Edvard Munch.Elementary Art Project, excellent way of tying in art history and maybe texture using line?

Bless This Mess: 5 Fall Crafts for Kids

5 Fall Crafts for Kids

Halloween+fall+water+color+and+ink+craft+art+project+for+kids+preschool.jpg pixels: Halloween+fall+water+color+and+ink+craft+art+project+for+kids+preschool.

plaasterhandjes. Simpel te maken. Neem een plastiekhandschoen en vul deze met gips. laat drogen! verwijder de handschoen en je kan beginnen schilderen.

Plaster hand craft for kids to make using a rubber glove.