Jorg Foolen

Jorg Foolen
Utrecht, The Netherlands / Physiotherapist | Lasertherapist | Kinesiotaping | Teaching | Training | Coaching |
Jorg Foolen
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Tornado - "Placid Awe" by Zachary Caron

The awesome power of this tornado, just south of Parker Colorado, is evident by the amount of earth being consumed in its vortex. Despite this power, Mother Nature was just putting on a spectacular show; only a single tree was damaged. By Zachary Caron

Worlds biggest swimmingpool  #Chili #Travel

The World's Largest Swimming Pool sweatingchlorine: “ Where’s my D unit? But guys seriously though, this pool is long. It’s at the San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Algarrobo, Chile. First person to.

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo revealed

Porsche Panamera: Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo revealed >> Available in Cote d'Azur, French Alps and Paris!