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two buckets are hanging from a clothes hanger next to a tree with other items in it
Seven vertical projects turning play sideways
the euro bill is shown in three different colors
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two children are playing with legos and building blocks on the table in front of them
'Building' Our Knowledge of Addition...1 Tower At A Time!
Torens bouwen met draaikaart. Een toren per keer vol maken. Wie heeft de straat als eerste gebouwd?
a lego table with numbers and blocks on it
Wiskunde: meer, minder, evenveel
a lego table with two matching numbers and a wooden bowl full of colored plastic blocks
Free LEGO Printables and 70+ LEGO Learning Activities
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the game is being played with legos and building blocks, including numbers one to ten
Measurement Worksheets - Planning Playtime
Measurement Worksheets - Planning Playtime
the number ten is placed in front of several colorful kites on the green grass
25 Tuinspelletjes; spellen, speelgoed & activiteiten voor kinderen -
a drawing of a house with the number seven on it's front and side
Jeux mathématiques en maternelle
a drawing of a house with the number 4 on it's side and four crosses in front
Jeux mathématiques en maternelle | Математика 1. клас | Kindergarten math, Teaching math, Montessori math