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Includes writing prompts (i. How did you celebrate Canada Day? Instead of patterns, could write words or draw Canadian symbols inside the maple leaf.

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Plastiquem: PLOU I TOTS ANEM AMB PARAIGÜES. Crayon and watercolor umbrella drawings. Crayon resist with blue water correct over white crayon. Or cool colors over white crayon and make the umbrella warm colors only.

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Dutch tulips in the style of Romero Britto, by Malou, grade 6 This was one of my most successful lessons so far; students enjoyed it and th.

Mon prénom en cursive - La maternelle de Teet et Marlou

Mon prénom en cursive - La maternelle de Teet et Marlou - write them out for the younger kids and then let them paint it. Talk about atmospheric colors and show how you can do a "spooky" word with "spooky" colors, or etc.

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Reminds me of the book Snug House Bug House Bugs in a Jar - color pencil bugs, the rest is tempera paint. You can see more of my clay and painting lessons at www.

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