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Willem Hendrik Crouwel is a Dutch graphic designer, type designer, and typographer. Between 1947 and he studied Fine Arts at Academie Minerva in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Flyer Goodness: Wim Crouwel - selected graphic designs and prints from museum archive

1968 Wim Crouwel was already experimenting with 'computerfonts' in his New Alphabet of 'Vormgevers' Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Wim Crouwel

"New Alphabet" - New Alphabet is a geometric typeface designed by Wim Crouwel, released in

Wim Crowel, postage stamps for PTT. 1976.

Nederland stamps, design bij Wim Crouwel In our good old days,bevore the Euro came

by wim crowel

Kalender 1964 Calendar 1963 designed by Wim Crouwel, Erven E de Geer Printers, Amsterdam. Image from BIS Publisher's Wim Crouwel Alphabets written by Kees Broos with the forward by David Quay who also designed the book along with Rick Sellars.

Wim Crouwel – the grid man

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