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Good morning baby!!! I wish it was me home with you today... it drives me crazy not getting to see you or talk to you... I miss the sound of your voice and those sweet looks you give me.. your touch... I love you and want you so bad!!

#Bello is #Hello in minions language #GoodMorning Everybody Are you ready to #work again after the #EidVacation? It is time to #renew your #health and #energy and to be 3positive Have a #goodmorning

Morning!! Follow spree time! I'll be going through my followers and following random people. :D - now that part is over(sorry if you weren't followed). If I didn't get you, I'll follow the first 33 people who comment below. Rule: you have to follow all of my boards first, and this closes in 24 hours. If I'm already following you, please don't comment! Thanks!

New Year messages are spread with in a very short time. People use it as an easiest method to greet everybody on New Year.

i don't mind to be last, as long as it really is his last. <3

fijne kerstdagen poes - Google zoeken

Als ik aan de liefde denk, denk ik aan jou! #quotevandeaandachtgever deel 2 van 2

For the rest of my life I want you and only you. You are the love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate, my lover, my everything, and soon I pray my wife...