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Personalize Emma’s amazing designer home and hang out with all her friends!

BELA 10541 Friends Series Emma's House Building Blocks Classic For Girl Kids Model Toys Marvel Compatible with Lego

LEGO MOC - Light Blue House by MOClug, via Flickr

An experiment to see if a 14 wide house fits better to scale beside Cafe Corner style modular buildings. Will post more pictures beside other buildings.

LEGO MOC: Grandma's Lime Green House | by MOClug

If Grandma were to live in a new house, I think she would choose lime green for the colour and say "Isn't it lovely, dear? I just love green. Would you like some cookies dear? They're fresh from the oven.

Pogo Lepin 10164 Oliver's House And Oliver Education Girls Friends Building Blocks Bricks Toys Compatible Legoe