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As a gift = Wrap a bottle of wine using old shirt sleeves and a pair of cuff links. No directions but if I were making this I would just cut the shirt sleeve, make a hem, add a pair of cuff links and there ya go.

Gelukspoppetje sleutelhangers met naam op maat gemaakt

Gelukspoppetje sleutelhangers met naam op maat gemaakt

een aantal flesjes gepimpt met een laag gesso, en vervolgens twee laagjes home deco verf ( action) kleur clay. verder een mooie servet gebruikt..

some bottles pimped with gesso, then two coats of home deco paint (action) color clay. have a nice napkin used .

Leuk voor je eigen hondje of voor een ander hondje als geschenk te geven. En ook zeker makkelijk om te maken! Nodig: -sterke lijm -hout -verf spullen -een haak (kapstok)(formido) -vaas of pot -en honden koekjes!!

DIY types can make this themselves. Non-DIY types can order the PAWesome Leash and Treat Holder by VintageFlairFurnish on Etsy

Straw Wreath How-To.  Join straw wreaths with twine and add floral accents to make a big design statement.

Gardening How-To Projects - Straw Wreath Personal Note: I think if you wrapped each wreath with fabric coordinating colors would look pretty

mooie dingen op een schildersdoek

Summer Seashells Craft - Canvas With Seashell Inchies VERY CUTE craft idea for my beach bathroom theme. Especially since I have a TON of sea shells I've collected since I was a wee lad! If you love arts and crafts a person will appreciate this website!

Klok van omakopjes super DIY klik hier

Demitas sets on a board for an advent calendar, different sized plates in the shape of a Christmas tree, different sized cups and plates along a board for jewelry storage.

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Bring home the summer, we will give you 15 craft ideas for original decorations with sea shells. Candles decoration in a sea shell The first idea for the