Planetary nebula

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First ever image of a black hole

What latest image of black hole tells us? Finally! We have the first picture of a real black hole. After all the hard work and dedication...

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Thousands of cute, fun, and colorful background and wallpaper photos especially designed for your iPhone or Android. Galaxy, Nature, Nebula, Astronomical object, Outer space, Astronomy

From ground-based telescopes, the so-called “ant nebula” (Menzel or Mz resembles the head and thorax of a garden-variety ant. This dramatic NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image, showing 10 times more detail, reveals the “ant's”. Cosmos, Hubble Space Telescope, Space And Astronomy, Nasa Space, Planetary Nebula, Horsehead Nebula, Photo Univers, Hubble Images, Hubble Pictures

Astronomy Is Awesome

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"The cosmos is also within us. We are made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself. Cosmos, Constellations, Look Wallpaper, Galaxy Wallpaper, Elephant Trunk, To Infinity And Beyond, Deep Space, Space Space, Milky Way

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Hubble Images The final frontier (if it were a black hole, no light would escape -- see star at top right of center) - Cosmos, Hubble Images, Hubble Pictures, To Infinity And Beyond, Milky Way, Science And Nature, Outer Space, Belle Photo, Clouds

But What IS Art? Start with Art - with a Cell Phone Wallpaper! - The Vivienne Files

Start with Art is one of my favorite ways to build capsule wardrobes, but the subject begs the question of what qualifies as art? To me, if YOU think it’s beautiful and inspiring, that makes it art, at least for wardrobe purposes! Let’s take this striking example: As is true with so many images on […]

Except for the rings of Saturn, the Ring Nebula is probably the most famous celestial band. via NASA (photo: Credit: Composite Image Data - Subaru Telescope (NAOJ), Hubble Legacy Archive; Processing and additional imaging - Robert Gendler) Subaru Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope, Space And Astronomy, Telescope Images, Cosmos, Carina Nebula, Planetary Nebula, Astronomy Pictures, Hubble Pictures

APOD: 2012 April 20 - M57: The Ring Nebula

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The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a lonely galaxy that appears so alone, scientists have called it 'lost in space.' The galaxy NGC 6503 is in the Local Void dead zone Galaxy Images, Hubble Images, Cosmos, Hubble Space Telescope, Space And Astronomy, Telescope Images, Nasa Space, Space Photos, Space Images

Lonely Galaxy Lost in Space

Most galaxies are clumped together in groups or clusters. A neighboring galaxy is never far away. But this galaxy, known as NGC 6503, has found itself in a lonely position, at the edge of a strangely empty patch of space called the Local Void. The Local Void is a huge stretch of space that is at least 150 million light-years across. It seems completely empty of stars or galaxies. The galaxy’s odd location on the edge of this never-land led stargazer Stephen James O’Meara to dub it the…