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a painting of an old man holding a white dove
Oración de fin y principio de año
a painting of a man with his face painted in pastel and watercolors
a painting of people on a boat in the ocean
Christ in the Storm by Rembrandt
two older men sitting on a bench with an umbrella over their heads, one holding the other's hand
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an image of a quote written in spanish on a white background that says,'la providdencia de dios peeder en contra de contra de nuestros
a book with an image of a child holding a rainbow on the front and back cover
Feliz y bendecido día para todos!
an image of jesus on the back of a plaque with spanish words and pictures in it
Jesus en ti confio!
there is a poster with the words mana seraun mejor dia on it
Mañana Será Un Mejor Día
"Tomorrow will be a better day". And no, i did NOT use google translate. Yo se a espanol!!!
a poster with the words dios in spanish
Livia Brito Pestana (@liviabritoof) on X
Gracias Dios!!!!!
an image of a quote written in spanish
Noche de las Letras on X
Proverbio Japonés. #citas #quotes #frases . Pin and follow pyra2elcapo
the image of jesus with his arms spread out in front of him and words above it
Oración más bella