German Water // German tap (drinking) water is NOT treated with fluoride, currently only Ramstein AFB's water is treated with fluoride.


- NEEDLEWORK - This is my very first plastic canvas project. It is pattern from Mary Maxim.

Het gras is groener aan de overkant.

get grass that can grow on any surface, put it in the main hallway, everyone comes to school the next day with gardening tools like lawn mowers hahahaha

Natuurstenen muur.

Our stone mosaics, glass mosaics, ceramic mosaics, wood mosaics, steel mosaics and custom mosaics have been designed using constant feedback.


Cute Folkert Gorter Photography Folkert Gorter are very amazing. Air landscapes, geological or marine, it exudes a sense of serenity and sustainability.

Schuurpapier Ruw en stevig

Schuurpapier Ruw en stevig

Hout, en tevens mijn zonnebril

Hout, en tevens mijn zonnebril