Sinterklaas surprise: :: How To Make A Cloud

DIY :: How To Make A could utilize this for a lot of things. Would be really fun to make some of these so kids feel like they're on top of a coaster-- in the clouds! These have to hang from the ceiling!

Surprise idee caravan

Create a Happy Camper Valentine Card Box!

happy camper valentine card box, crafts, how to, seasonal holiday decor, valentines day ideas -- happy camper idea for grandma and grandpa

S i n t e r k l a a s

In december we have this ritual called sinterklaas. All the kids get presents and candy from Sint, especially if they've been good.

#Sinterklaas #Surprise #pepernotentaart

#Sinterklaas #Surprise #pepernotentaart

Pots en terre

Clay pots can have a million purposes in the garden, but personally, this is my favorite! It’s very easy, affordable and enjoyable.

Do It Yourself Craft Ideas – no cans in my house though Daily update on my blog: ... ༺✿ƬⱤღ✿༻

Make a kokeshi doll…for girls day japan. start collecting those cans! love this! lesson could be a soda or juice drink named after the student- logo and packaging design for middle school

Sinterklaas surprise: Tank in camouflagekleuren

Sinterklaas knutselwerkje Tank in camouflagekleuren