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A custom island, topped with sheet metal, echoes the home’s barnwood beams. Why stop at the usual overheads? Additional sconces make any countertop an enlightened spot for prep work.

These Amazing Kitchen Decor Ideas Are Just What Your Favorite Room Needs

It's the heart of the home for a reason.

Love the sing with drainboards and the curved front with Youngstown emblem.

Kitchen Design/Remodeling: Sink replacement, laminate counter top, laminate countertops

laminate counter top, laminate countertops, side cabinets: Thanks for the follow-up William. Congratulations on tackling this DIY project - remodeling can often be a painful, yet very rewarding endeavor. The post-form countertop from Lowes clarifies a couple of things for me. I am assuming you will be responsible...

Tons of kitchen storage in a rental apartment.

A Kitchen To Help Entertain a Crowd

Erin and Danny live in a 500-square-foot apartment in San Francisco, but that doesn’t keep them from entertaining as many as 20 friends at once! They’re able to do this in part because of their terrific kitchen, which is organized for maximum efficiency and storage. See more photos below:Open shelving has its challenges, one of which is keeping everything neat and organized.

love this kitchen! simple cute vintage functional!

Apartment Therapy

Lisa — a pet portrait artist — sees her kitchen as a place to cook great meals every night but she also sees it as as an opportunity to recreate a childhood memory

O'Keefe's kitchen I fell in love. Simple and perfect. The cabinets are just Sears metal kitchen cabinets set into the adobe and painted white. brilliant.

Steve Chambers Visits Georgia O’Keeffe's Home and Studio at Abiquiu

Steve Chambers went to Georgia O’Keeffe's Home in New Mexico to learn more about a specific type of historical preservation.

How much are my metal kitchen cabinets worth? - Retro Renovation.  This site estimates our unit to be less than $250 if in pristine condition.

How much are my metal kitchen cabinets worth? -

We are often asked how much metal kitchen cabinets are worth -- we profile the top four factors that can help you determine how much your set is worth.

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

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Humidity and staining are two conditions that are very probable in kitchens. If you don’t choose well, the kitchen cabinets would be very hard to clean and might corrode due to the kitchen environment

Blind corner lazy susans in vintage metal kitchen cabinets: rare sighting - Retro Renovation

Blind corner lazy susans in vintage metal kitchen cabinets: rare sighting - Retro Renovation

A rare sighting in vintage metal kitchen cabinets: a swing-out, lazy-susan-style door set into a blind corner in this set of vintage metal Genevas. Even mega expert 52PostnBeam says: “I’ve seen something like that only once before … and you know I saved a photo of it! purty neat.” 52PnB’s blue cabinet seems even wackier, because …

Picnics in the Park: Learning to Love my 50s, Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Learning to Love my 50s, Metal Kitchen Cabinets

When we bought our house, we knew our kitchen needed quite a bit of remodeling. However, since we did not have an endless supply of cash, we...