Snap Cube Number and Pattern Cards! Such an awesome resource for my preschooler!

Snap Cubes - Number and Pattern Cards

Love these snap cubes number and pattern cards! Such a great idea to help teach numbers and patterns. Kids wil absolutely love playing with their snap cubes

Motoriek: gericht werpen met behulp van een vlieg. Blijft de vlieg kleven in het spinnenweb of kan ze toch verder vliegen?

a giant tape spider web in a hula hoop? oh my goodness, how fun and what a great idea for a future Hallowe’en party game ;

Build it/Draw it. Approved by Andrea Beaty author of Iggy Peck, Architect.

This picture shows how children block can then get a two dimensional shape when children draw what they have made out of blocks. Thus, blocks can become as a way for improving children's artistic and motor skills development.

Thema Herfst; Maak van kastanjes verschillende cijfers (na)

Emilie Groot on

We have so many chestnut trees on our street and my girl loves collecting them.

Zoek evenveel stoelen als kinderen, , rekenen met kleuters, free printable.

Find as many chairs as children,, calculating with preschoolers, free printable.