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Power Supplies Okay, now that we've tested our AC outlet and put some protective power devices into play, let's go ahead and talk power supplies. The power

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The roller coaster is a popular amusement ride developed for amusement parks and modern theme parks. LaMarcus Adna Thompson patented the first roller coasters on January which were made out of wood.

Smiler Alton Towers. 12 inversions this ride is worth the wait. I qued 2hr 30 mins when it first opened.

Smiler - Alton Towers (Alton, Staffordshire, England, UK) best ride ever!

Als ik een dagje naar een pretpark ga

Corkscrew - Cedar Point, OH My very first roller coaster! (Well, besides that pitiful thing at the county fair). Dad took me on it :) I don't think I've ridden it since because it's a painful coaster, but it hasn't kept me from riding coasters!

Loch Ness Monster, Busch Gardens Williamsburg VA. Maybe my favorite roller coaster all time. Two intersecting loops, a hillside start that masks the size of the first hill, and a tunnel corkscrew.

Loch Ness Monster, The photo from Busch Gardens Williamsburg.this is the very first roller coaster I rode as a child and going to ride it again this July jam changed plans.

World's Steepest Steel Rollercoaster - Takabisha Roller Coaster at Japan's Fugi-Q Highland Amusement Park

Takabisha Roller Coaster at Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland amusement park is the world's steepest steel roller coaster - ribers are subjected to a 141 ft freefall at degrees.