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a card with the word september written on it surrounded by dried flowers and greenery
an illustration of two children walking down the street in front of a house at night
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an animal with a bird sitting on top of it
Swantje & Frieda
three children sitting at a table with an open book in front of them, reading
Walter Firle (1859 – 1929, German)
Another reading lesson: A Good Picture Book, by Walter Firle @ Judith Land
a cat is sitting in the shade of a tent with a lamp on it's side
Friday Sketch - Fort
Fantastic Illustration by Erin McGuire
a drawing of a fox sitting on top of a ball
Amy Dover
a black and white drawing of a naked woman with her hair blowing in the wind
Maša Kepic
charcoal male, drawing © Maša Kepic 2012.
a painting of a boat in the water with a paddle sticking out of it's side
an illustration of a boy standing on the moon with stars falling from his arms and legs
a touch of vaudeville
Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, moon boat
the book john keats is sitting on top of a white table with an orange cover
Illustration Work | John Keats selected poems
Emily Sutton
a woman holding a baby reading a book
Book Porn
a watercolor painting of a bird standing on one leg with its head turned to the side
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Louise De Masi
there are many pictures on the wall above the bookshelf and in front of them is an old clock
Rosemary Milner – Wallpapers, fabrics & bespoke embroidery.
rosemary milner