Spinone Italiano puppy <3

Spinone Italiano puppy There's no way we'd get a puppy right now. But I love that puppy face- it's half puppy, half old-man.

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I sit and stare blankly at people, making them extremely uncomfortable. Must be a weim thing!

This is so my Weimaraner! I love him though :) Kobe Reagan

This is what applies for my 5 pound schnauzer lily and our 75 pound chesy jade

Leuke verdeling van de zolderkamer.

A brilliant idea and set up for an attic bedroom for small children. It can also become a guest room for children, or a little nook when everyone has grown out of the bed space.


girl cave ~attic hang out space as an alternative to finishing the basement, now that my daughter has moved up to the attic space I'm sure "the girls" will be over soon.