Inpakpapier gebruiken als mooie foto-achtergrond

Strom photo back drop - using wrapping paper. I have cute wrapping papers too . Would be cute Christmas card with holiday paper.

foto maken met de krant op de dag dat je kindje geboren word

newborn baby pic with / ON the newspaper from the day they were born. **we have the paper from his birth day, but the headlines aren't that nice.

woord Start: ingestreept, tussen tijger door?

a new year is a clean slate and fresh palate. The possibiliies are endless. Will we be there by this time net year? I plan to make my passions happen by proactive goal-setting and goal-gettig.

Stond op het geboortekaartje van onze jongste

Stond op het geboortekaartje van onze jongste