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Christmas ● DIY ● Tutorial ● Fancy Chocolate Bowl - can be very small for a dessert or pudding garnish, or large to serve fruit, etc. Festive and yummy!

Bailey's Mocha Cheesecake Cups {No-Bake} - Lemon Tree Dwelling

Baileys Mocha Cheesecake Cups are so rich and creamy! These no-bake cheesecake cups are flavored with Bailey's Irish Cream and a coffee liqueur infused chocolate graham cracker crust.

healthy frambozen kwarktaart

Bye bye 2014 and hello you’re looking fabulous! Ik heb zo veel zin in…

Warm Chocoladetaartje Ingrediënten voor 4 personen 2 eieren, 25 gr suiker, zout, 100 gr pure chocolade, 100 gr boter, 30 gr bloem, poedersuiker (strooibus), 1 eetl boter voor invetten, 2 eetl bloem voor bestuiven,

Chocolate Lovers’ Recipe: Heavenly Souffle When it comes to absolutely heavenly desserts, the chocolate souffle has to rank at the top. It’s light, fluffy, and just the right amount of sweet.

Kitkat M&M taart makkelijk om te maken en super lekker! BAK IDEE!

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Chocolade bastogne taart.. Heerlijk recept! recept: http://www.lekkerensimpel.com/2012/01/16/chocolade-bastogne-taart/

a really nice cake from chocolate with a bottom from bastogne cookies

Recept - Chocoladetaart - Allerhande


These are the most delicious Chocolate Cakes recipes I have found through trying tons of different variations of chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is without a doubt one of my favourite deserts and sweets. I love coffee and it just goes so perfect.

Wat een super leuk idee! Maak zelf figuren van chocolade met een chocoladestift. Bijvoorbeeld dit leuke vlindertje. Leuk om het dessert mee te decoreren of om zo lekker op te snoepen!

DIY chocolate butterfly: Love it! Would be great to top a cake with. Could try with white chocolate and food coloring for different colors!