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Love the symbols in the tree!! Part of the next tattoo idea!! Just need to add some healing hands in!

Tree Of Life. I love what it symbolizes. I got my Aunt a necklace and she made me a painting of it for Christmas. This one is beautiful, could make a lovely tattoo

People with unrelenting pain are often depressed, anxious and have difficulty making simple decisions. Researchers have identified a clue that may explain how suffering long-term pain could trigger these other pain-related symptoms. Researchers found that in people with chronic pain, a front region of the cortex associated with emotion fails to deactivate when it should. It's stuck on full throttle, wearing out neurons and altering their connections.

An interesting article on chronic pain’s effect on the brain. Chronic Pain Harms the Brain People with unrelenting pain don’t only suffer from the non-stop sensation of throbbing pain.