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In Pogress

As one of my Works changed during the progress, I'm collecting the works and merge them together in a collage.
23 Pins137 Volgers | In Progress: AC Villagers 1# (+Myself As A Villager) | (Animal crossing Franchisebelongs to Nintendo)

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heart 1 | In Progess: Friessenwall | 1- Original (and white tracing) 2- Original but edited in photoshop, in order to make the tracing more visible 3-Sketch/LineArt 4-Finished version (with Marker) 5- 3 and 4 combined in photoshop. Only my signature is on the pic, the rest is in the title and description. | In Progress: 17 | 1-Sketch 2-Inking 3-Adding Masking Fluid 4-Adding Aquarelle 5-Removing Masking Fluid 6-Finished… | In Progress: 14 | Batavia S(chip) 1: 2: 3: | Before & After 18 | In (let's see) 6 steps, i'm showing my way of editing here: (1 highpass) -radius 50.0 pixels -overlay -Opacity50% (2 graussian blur) -radius 25.5 pixels -adding clippingmask -erase detailed object -Opacity 100% (3 gradientfill) -diamond style -reverse ON -Align withlayer ON -Dither ON -150 scale% -Angle 90 -Black,white gradient -Opacity 100% -SoftLight (4 Canvas size) -3x (grey,white and black) ALL (canvas extension color) 3 -hieght… | Before & After 19 | Let's see the 10 steps: 1 (duplicate background) -screen 100% 2 (duplicate background) -soft light 100% 3 (duplicate background) -multiply 100% 4 (duplicate background) -multiply 100% 5 (Smart Brush) -pencil sketch (Artistic Presets) -inverse OFF -Opacity 75% (namegiver of this works of art) -effects 6 (Blur Tool) -normal mode -Sample All Layers ON -on smartbrush tool 7 (effects) -bevel -simple emboss 8(stroke (outline)… | In Pogress: The Jewish-Venetian | I like that wooden part with that small dome. (there's the hidden French Synagogue if i'm right.) I used the un-retouched photo of ''The Synagogue?'' for tracing. | In Pogress: Gondola Rider | Altrough the inspiration for this drawing is a photo of 2015, this drawing is made in 2016. | In Progress: Zimmer (Cornelius) Tower | A collage of the full sketch and every part separated. Full Sketch where it is based on | Imitation Charlie Chaplin (Sketch&Constructionline) | This Street Preformer i spotted near Campo Santo Stefano in October 2015. Is my newest entry for my portfolio of art based on People. (despite it´s my weakest subject to draw or paint, i want to research more about it)