Kandinsky. Black and white circle printing. #Kandinsky #printing #kidart

Kandinsky chez Lucie: tribune libre

Mondrian: composition art... kids will have fun coloring this, even if they aren't into art as much as the guest of honor.

Piet Mondrian coloring pages. These Piet Mondrian pictures are online coloring pages that can be colored with color gradients and patterns. Printable coloring pages are also included if you prefer to color with paper and crayons.

Mona Lisa, thema kunst voor kleuters, kleuteridee.nl , Art theme preschool 6

Famous Art Theme Print this and have the kids paint what they think is missing

Verven - Eerst verven met waterverf. Vervolgens met doorzichtige lijm patronen erop maken. Tenslotte met zout eroverheen strooien, om mooie effecten te krijgen.

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt. This looks fun! Use canvas or Water color paper, and paint with watercolors by using brushes. Drizzle clear Elmers glue all over the painting, then sprinkle kosher salt around the painting

Lessen rondom het thema kunst, schilderen op aluminiumpapier

Painting on foil~art easel + aluminum foil + tape + dish soap + paint. (add dish soap to paint to help it stick)