Kaatje Catootje

Kaatje Catootje

real name? Karen * loves? shiny people and other colorfull stuff * likes to? create & laugh & celebrate & ...& .... * motto? enjoy as much as you can, be ni
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Wiser words were never spoken Buddha~

Ashe oooooo WL2L

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It depends on what you think.” — Buddha


And sometimes you don't move on...

Healthier Tropical Fruit Pizza

After Seeing This You Will Never Throw Away Those Avocado Seeds Again in Your Life!

Negative energy can have an adverse effect on your health, relationships, and success. Probably, you have been raised to believe only in the things that you can understand and confirm. Rational minds cannot understand some treatments and rituals that don’t correspond to their reason.

Her life is her art. What a beautiful thought