owl in a tree

owl in a tree? Create tree using half of a cardboard tube or by creating a fold in paper and gluing on to a backing sheet. Cut hole in 'tree' and insert owl or other inhabitant.

Egel. I love this! (free download)

Using forks for printing. Would make such a cute project for Kdg. I could see them making some very funny porcupines! Fork stamp would be good for hay stacks or a dog. Can use fork for upper grades and manipulate so just 2 prongs were printed and etc.

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Great Halloween Door Decoration How adorable is this? School classroom doors lend themselves to all sorts of holiday decorations. This idea was shared from a … Continue reading →

wat zit er in een kabouter huisje?

I love this tiny dollhouse I made from a matchbox! I even made a tiny bed for it and a mini peg doll.

Simplify for Kindergarten  Artsonia Art Exhibit :: Rainbow Spiders

Simplify for Kindergarten Artsonia Art Exhibit :: Rainbow Spiders. Put some glow in the dark paint on it and it would be great for holloween

Knutselen met herfst bladeren

What a great idea to use those fallen leaves. Never have another bouquet die again! roses out of fall leaves! Love this idea for my bouquet!