St. Joseph, Michigan. Imagine being in that lighthouse during this crazy storm!

The powerful crash and churn of Lake Michigan waves against the lighthouse at St Joseph, Michigan, USA

This is so beautiful! I love the way water crashes up against things, it's like it's not afraid to show who it really is. - AW

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the crash of waves! I LOVE the sight, smell & sound of the sea! It speaks to my heart & calms my spirit.

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This is a nice photo… I live on the coast and I really like star fish. I always take them back out in the water when I find a living one on the beach (but sadly, it's too late for most). Sea Star Photograph by Samantha Leonetti - Sea.

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Isn't it funny the ways God can say "I love you"?

"I imagine a line, a white line, painted on the sand and on the ocean, from me to you." Hearts in Nature. Hearts in Life.

Vakantie waarschijnlijk in een warm land met vrienden of vriendinnen, bijvoorbeeld Spanje

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Spend your day as you wish. Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort

The Maldives Islands is one of the most dreamland destination in the whole world. Who would’t want to enjoy the exotic nature, white sand and the cyan water of the Indian Ocean? The Maldives is one of.

Our wonderful coastal wildlife here in North Devon #WhoNeedsAbroad #Seaside #Coastal

Seagull at Cape Town Beach

This is a seagull by the on the seashore looking out at the beach. It relates to the ecosystem by they eat dead fish that wash up on the shore. The animals that eat this bird seagull are foxes, weasels, sharks and predatory birds.