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an office building with many windows and doors
Crepa Rijswijk
the floor plan for an office building with multiple floors and several rooms, all in white
Interior MEE
a large white structure sitting in front of a building
the building is made out of glass and has an open floor plan with several windows
Entree Zwembad
an office building with several windows and balconies
cars are parked on the street in front of a tall red building with many windows
Gedempte Burgwal
a white brick building with red and orange shutters on the windows is in front of a green lawn
people are walking around in front of a brick building with blue doors on the outside
De Walvis
the building is surrounded by tall green grass
an empty parking lot in front of a brick building with large windows on the side
Drukkerij Quantas
the skylight is shining down on an empty hallway that has white walls and columns
a tall white building with lots of windows on it's side and a blue sky in the background
an apartment building next to a body of water with snow on the ground in front of it
an apartment building next to a body of water
Dr. Kortmannstraat
an upward view of a brick building with windows and sky in the backgroud
Centrumplan Nootdorp
an apartment building with lots of windows and balconies on the top floor is shown in this rendering
Villa Mokum / Kampman Architecten
Completed in 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Images by Ossip. The municipality of Amsterdam is redeveloping an urban part of Amsterdam, named the Amstelkwartier. This area, formerly occupied by a water treatment...