Pink Bougainvillea

Blooming hot pink bougainvillea decorating a white entrance or archway to a stone patio. Beautiful, can't wait to have my beautiful garden.

Bird Feeders!

Invite your neighborhood birds for tea party with a tea cup bird feeder! Firmly glue a tea cup to a plate at an angle. Pour bird seed into the tea cup and hang the bird feeder from a hook on your fenc

Singletrack Forum: Wood stores/shed....basic principles for construction of store and storage ? - Post by ski

Wood stores/shed.basic principles for construction of store and storage « Singletrack Forum.


Saints and Spinners: Gnome Home. I've always heard these called fairy doors, but I like the gnome home so much more.

Mini Chalk Boards (4 for $10)  Great for the window box herb garden. A little feature to show off your green thumb.  Made from wood, with blackboard-paint face. 4 chalkboards per pack.  Available in: ? Rectangle ? House

DIY Mini Chalkboards via Culture Label So….this website SELLS them, but you could totally DIY. You’ll need some chalkboard paint and posts…VIOLA, you’ve got them for a heck of a lot cheaper! These would make great place cards for a rustic dinner party….