Easy spring rolls!

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ph: White On Rice Couple Bacon Lettuce Tomato (BLT) Spring Roll- Recipe here . I Love Food, Good Food, Yummy Food, Tasty, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Eating, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Rice, Drink Recipes

BLT Spring Rolls - Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Spring Roll Recipe

I've added fresh basil to these spring rolls for an added freshness, but if you don't have basil, fresh mint or any herb will be a wonderful addition. We've paired it with a sesame-soy dipping sauce. Depending on the saltiness of your bacon and your soy sauce, you may want to thin out the soy sauce with some water to cut back on the saltiness. Watch the video on the recipe post to see a quick tutorial.

I'm on a roll with this Vietnamese food - a Vietnamese roll! Cách Làm Bò Bía – Recipe for Vietnamese Spring Rolls With Chinese Sausage, Jicama, Carrot from Hungry Huy. Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Chicken Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Cuisine, Vietnamese Sausage, Lumpia, Summer Rolls, Asian Cooking, Appetizer Recipes, Italian Appetizers

Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe (Bò Bía Recipe) - Hungry Huy

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50 minutes

This makes about 8-10 rolls, depending on size. This recipe easily doubles.

Vietnamese Salad Rolls - The fillings for these summer rolls can vary. Some restaurants serve a mix of pork and shrimp, some have it separately, some have tofu and some have only vegetables as a vegetarian option. Seafood Recipes, Appetizer Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Appetizers, I Love Food, Good Food, Yummy Food, Tasty, Vietnamese Salad Rolls

Vietnamese Salad Rolls

Homemade recipes from cakes to chicken, pasta and heavy emphasis on vegetarian dishes.

How to cook Chinese Vegetarian Mini Spring Rolls with authentic recipes by ChinesePortal. In Chinese cuisine, spring rolls are savory rolls with Chinese leaf and other vegetable fillings inside a thinly wrapped cylindrical pastry. Vegetable Egg Rolls, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Veggie Rolls, Kitchen Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Egg Roll Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Asian Recipes

Vegetable Spring Rolls Recipe | Steamy Kitchen

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1.5 hours

It's best to watch the video first, you'll get step by step in the video how to properly wrap the spring rolls so that they are tight (and prevent the oil from seeping in). In this recipe, we use shiitake mushrooms (also called Chinese black mushrooms), which come either fresh or dried. If you are using DRIED shiitake mushrooms, you'll have to soak them in water to rehydrate first. Soak the dried mushrooms for 30 minutes in a bowl of very hot water. When soft, cut and discard the thick stem.

Looking for Fast & Easy Appetizer Recipes, Asian Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Seafood Recipes, Side Dish Recipes! Recipechart has over free recipes for you to browse. Find more recipes like Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls. Vietnamese Recipes, Asian Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Vietnamese Food, Fish Sauce Vietnamese, Vietnamese Salad Rolls, Free Recipes, Healthy Food, Ethnic Recipes

Vietnamese Spring Rolls - a Step by Step Recipe | Not Enough Cinnamon

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50 minutes

Follow my step-by-step recipe to make the most amazing Vietnamese Spring Rolls at home! Filled with cooked shrimp, mint leaves, bean sprouts and vermicelli noodles, these summer rolls make for an Asian appetizer or healthy light meal.

Baked Lumpia Rolls with Dipping Sauce Recipe - Filipino Egg Rolls…… Not sure how i feel about the baked part, Lumpias are the best fried food Filipino Recipes, Asian Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, Filipino Food, Filipino Dishes, Comida Filipina, Pork Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Recipies

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Baked Spring Rolls --- chicken breast jicama onion carrot mushrooms garlic spring onions egg spring roll wrappers oyster sauce soy sauce sesame oil Salt and pepper Healthy Baking, Healthy Snacks, Baked Spring Rolls, Asian Cooking, Appetizer Recipes, Appetizers, Asian Recipes, Love Food, Mad

Baked Spring Rolls

I never like the spring rolls from the Chinese restaurant or the take out place here. They just can’t make the spring rolls like how we do it in Malaysia. The problem with the spring rolls here is they used too much cabbage in their fillings and not jicama. These spring rolls are versatile as you can make them out of shrimps, crab, chicken or even veggies. The best thing about them is they are baked and not fried. They are crispy without the added calories of frying. Ingredients: 1 piece…

Mango Shrimp Summer Roll / Flavors of Summer Healthy Snacks, Healthy Eating, Healthy Recipes, Antipasto, Tapas, Seafood Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Little Lunch, Foods With Gluten

Mango Shrimp Summer Roll / Flavors of Summer with P.F. Changs {CONTEST}

have you guys seen p.f. chang’s new summer menu? the summer vegetable quinoa ‘fried rice’ that’s topped off with an egg looks amazing and i’d really like to have the heirloom tomato and thai basil salad for lunch today. everything...Read More

Mango Shrimp Summer Roll by Jennifer Chong: Thanks to Trotter Trotter McGaughey ! I Love Food, Good Food, Yummy Food, Asia Food, Seafood Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Asian Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Food Porn

MANGO SHRIMP SUMMER ROLL Bar Tartine: by Jennifer Chong on @stellerstories

37.4208° N, 122.2597° W INGREDIENTS . . . . . . . 1 avocado 1/2 mango 1 cucumber 1-2 peel carrots 1 cup of purple cabbage 18 cooked shrimp (deveined and tails off) 6-8 spring roll skins PREPARATION . . . . . . . 1. Cut avocado, mango, cucumber, carrots and cabbage into slices - no longer than 3.5 inches (to ensure that it will fit the spring roll skin properly!). 2. Having all of your ingredients near by – dip one of the spring roll skins into warm water for 3 seconds and remove. The skin…

Chicken and Mango Summer Rolls Recipe. Love me some summer rolls. I Love Food, Good Food, Yummy Food, Antipasto, Asian Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Summer Rolls, Spring Rolls, Nasi Goreng

Chicken and Mango Summer Rolls Recipe

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Rice noodles, chicken, and mango, make up the filling of these Vietnamese-inspired summer rolls. Firm vermicelli rice noodles are commonly added to summer rolls, but rolls can be made without them. Experiment with different fresh fillings and flavor combinations.

For someone who appreciates food as much as I do, it's unfortunate that I simply don't have a taste for cooked vegetables. I'll eat them raw - dipped in Shrimp Spring Rolls, Chicken Spring Rolls, Summer Rolls, Shrimp Rolls, Seafood Recipes, Appetizer Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Appetizers, Entree Recipes

Shrimp Spring Rolls

For someone who appreciates food as much as I do, it's unfortunate that I simply don't have a taste for cooked vegetables. I'll eat them raw - dipped in

Easy finger foods and party food ideas. This includes recipes for parties homemade cold appetizers and finger food appetizers. Make your party a hit! Finger Food Appetizers, Finger Foods, Appetizer Recipes, Asian Appetizers, Veggie Recipes, Asian Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Asian Foods, Easy Recipes


Remember the Thai Sweet Chillie Sauce I made in my previous post? Remember? Remember? Remember when I said things could only get better from then on? Well it did. It did ~ Just like the first spring rolls 'recipe' these hardly needed a recipe Which was good because I was feeling kind of slap happy ~ So what you'll need are some ~ finicky carrots ~ julienned see through glass noodles ~ softened in warm water, drained pinky prawns ~ gently boiled, peeled imposter crab sticks ~ from a packet…