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Add Dry Rose Petals to Your DIY Skin Care 🌹
In Soaps, dry flowers not only add fragrance, they also add a gentle exfoliation to your DIY’s. In scrubs, the mixture of floral fragrance, skin vitamins, and pop of color will make for one luxurious bath scrub! You can use lotion bars and massage bars with dry flowers, increasing the skin vitamins and potential for more locked-in moisture. Using specific dry flowers can calm skin, help with eczema, and gently exfoliate while the lotion bar moisturizes.
Dried Chamomile Flowers for your DIY Projects
The Chamomile flower is a gentle floral herb that has a variety of benefits for the skin and body. It naturally contains vitamins and nutrients that help soothe and repair the skin. It can also help calm and relax muscles. Chamomile is a great ingredient to use in DIY skin care to make infused oils, creams, bath bombs, soaps, masks and more.
an illustrated book with herbs and other things to know about them, including leaves, flowers,
Herbs to Keep you Healthy this Winter 🍵🍯❄️
Explore the natural power of antibacterial and antiviral herbs, a treasure trove of botanical wonders that may fortify your immune system and promote overall well-being. From the potent properties of garlic, recognized for its antimicrobial prowess, to the immune-boosting echinacea, these herbs offer a holistic defense against bacterial and viral invaders. Embrace the soothing effects of thyme, known for its antimicrobial compounds, or the immune-balancing echinacea, celebrated for its virus-fighting potential. Incorporate the zesty kick of ginger, a natural antiviral, into your routine for added protection.
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WHAT IS "VEGAN COLLAGEN"? And How Can I Boost Collagen Naturally?
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Chronic Dehydration
Ritual aromático que transforma tu día