Zoek het flesje en de dop bij elkaar

Bottle and lid matching activity - great idea for an OT activity! Definitely targets fine motor skills, visual motor, and cognitive skills! So simple!

Luisterdictee: leg de pleister op....

Uh-oh! Where Should the Band-Aid Go?

Betty and Billy Boo-Boo-This is a receptive language activity for PreK and Kindergarten. Students listen as you tell them where Billy or Betty have a boo-boo and then the student (s) place a band-aid on the correct body part.

Pompon, pincet, flesje

Sensory Table Ideas

Chez l'optométriste

Optician's Office Pretend Play

Follow directions to place bandaids on a toy and combine with prepositions (between puppy's eyes, behind puppy's ears, etc)

Tons of activities you could play with band-aids and stuffed animals. -place band-aids using language (between puppy's eyes, behind puppy's ears) -dramatic play (vet) -listening (kinda like simon says; place the red band-aid on puppy's nose, etc)

Fijne motoriek - Spuit vullen met water en leegdrukken in een andere bak

Moving Water Sensory Play

Moving Water Sensory Play - children use water droppers and syringes to move water from one container to another, increasing fine motor skills and hand strength while play with water.

Aflevering: Ziek

Aflevering: Ziek