Letrero de corchos de vino

Top 5 Pins: Wine Cork Crafts

DIY wine cork sign for the bar! See more cheese and wine wedding ideas in the link.

Alfombras de baño con tapones de corcho

Alfombras de baño con tapones de corcho

DIY wine cork bath mat--With all these cork ideas, It's a good thing we drink plenty of wine ;

Porta copas elaborado con corchos de vino. Visita winenot.com.mx ó Facebook.com/winenot.com.mx

Obsequios que la economía no impedirá que regales. ¡A reciclar!


The post 25 DIY projects made with wine corks appeared first on becoration. Wine, apart from being taste, is a source of a really good material for making DIY projects. This materials is cork and there are infinity of option in order to create.