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four different pictures of yarns being used to make a wall hanging or shawl
Creating A Year-Long Mini-Skein Project - SpaceCadet Hand-dyed Yarns
The other day, I was going through photos from earlier this year and, as I scrolled from month to month, I kept coming across images of my assistant Jade’s Northeasterly. The pattern is for a blanket but she decided to work it as stole, using the Never-Ending Gradient of 2019’s Mini-Skein Club bundles. And the pictures were kind of blowing me away…
a pile of multicolored knitted rugs next to a bowl of thread
Heerlijk Handwerk Halfuurtje Cursus
Heerlijk Handwerk Halfuurtje Cursus –
an art quilt made with different colored squares
Yarndance - One Square at a Time
two hands are working on a green and blue piece of fabric that has been stitched together
Little Lessons Intarsia: Putting Yarn in the Right Place for Intarsia
two skeins of yarn next to each other on a wooden surface with green and multicolored squares
Little Lessons: Stepping Up Your Intarsi-game
a pair of knitting needles sitting on top of a purple chair
Summer pattern by Marianne Isager
a crocheted scarf is laying on top of a white shirt and pants with buttons
Sophie Digard – Brown & Co | clothing | Crochet, Crochet quilt, Crochet yarn
a crocheted rug with many circles on it
several skeins of yarn next to a piece of cloth on a wooden surface
a name tag sitting on top of a colorful piece of cloth next to a crocheted blanket
Sophie Digard detail
a crocheted blanket with many circular designs on it
wedding hats, evening bags, clutches, stoles, wedding-shawls, dressed-up accessories