c'était la grande mode au collège. j'en avais ramené un en souvenir de mon voyage en angleterre

Weepuls, little fuzzballs with sticky feet and googly eyes and usually antennae or felt accessories

Push pops from the ice cream truck.

push-ups.my favorite! Whenever the ice cream truck slowed down enough for us to catch it I ALWAYS got a push-up (orange sherbet)

Puntenslijper. Stond op de tafel van de meester.

Old school pencil sharpener. Omg when the teacher put it too close to the wall and you'd hit your knuckles every time you sharpened your pencil.

Travel Alarm - loved the glow in the dark dots

Travel alarm clock with luminous dots - bought this for mom and dad for their vacation trips.

verplicht in het zwembad rubber badmuts 1965-1975

verplicht in het zwembad rubber badmuts / Les bonnets de bain pour la piscine.

Loeki de leeuw van de reclame,op de tv

Things of the past ( ) - Dingen van vroeger ( ) ( Loeki )

Ja, deze hadden we in de keuken.

Remember these plastic strip door curtains to stop the flies in summer? My Aunt had these and I used to get told off for plaiting them!


sherbet lolly pops - green and yellow was always the best. - Got em in our 'Lucky Bags' from Arthurs Store at Nana Gibsons