Hopper Coffee | Rotterdam cool bar layout, but how does ordering and having the machine far away work?

"Gosh - so much here! Layout - coffee machine w sink opposite, teas in magnet canisters on metal board, pay here banner"

Speaking out: Mayor Aboutaleb, a Moroccan-born Muslim, told immigrants to 'vanish from the Netherlands if you cannot find your place here'

Moroccan-born mayor of Rotterdam tells fellow Muslims who do not appreciate the 'freedoms' of living in the West to 'pack your bags and f*** off' on live TV

Moroccan born Mayor of Rotterdam tells fellow Muslims that if they don't appreciate living in freedom to pack their bags and f&%k off!

Delfshaven Rotterdam

Historical Delfshaven Rotterdam - Opening hours of shops, restaurants, the Pilgrim Fathers Church and sights at Delfshaven in Rotterdam.