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a crocheted pink and green eye mask sitting on top of a white surface
Neat Ripple Pattern
Step by step ripple pattern instructions.
a multicolored crocheted scarf on a mannequin
Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf
Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf - free #crochet pattern on!
a crocheted blanket sitting on top of a couch next to a white chair
Chevron Baby Blankets
Chevron Baby Blanket - Crochet, thanks so for freebie xox :
a woman wearing a gray and white cowgirl scarf with black and white crochet
Free Chevron Scarf Pattern
Free Chevron Scarf Pattern by Halfway to Hipster. Okay, so this pattern is crochet but I am putting in my knitting because I don't want to make a crochet board.
there is a crocheted blanket on the couch
Easy Crochet Chevron Blanket - Pattern using Single Crochets
Chevron Crochet Blanket Pattern :: Rescued Paw Designs
crochet stitches are being used to knit the fabric
Neat Ripple Pattern
#Crochet_Tutorial - "How to make a multicolor ripple stitch blanket / garment / scarf. Lots of close-up photos and clear text from Attic24 to guide you through this." Enjoy your crochet from #KnittingGuru
the crocheted blanket has been made to look like trees
Breaking Amish crochet pattern by Mary (the Mom)
Breaking Amish crochet pattern by Mary (the Mom)༺✿Teresa Restegui✿༻
a crocheted square with a blue handle on top of it and a knitting needle in the middle
Ripple Blanket Know-how
I'm now going to show you how to "fill in" the top ripple edge to make it straight. Scroll down for this tutorial.