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Screwball ice cream: vanilla ice cream with colored gumball in the bottom of the plastic cup. This was my favorite ice cream truck treat!

UK - Chupa Chups - Melody Pops - candy - November 2011 by JasonLiebig, via Flickr

The 50 Greatest Discontinued Foods and Beverages. Mg Spice Girl Lollipops! I had my backpack covered in the stickers from them :) OH MY GOSH MELODY POPS xD I used to eat those most of the time .

Zaterdags als papa moest voetballen haalde we en pakje PK kauwgom bij de melkboer op de hoek.

Wrigleys PK gum and long sticks in white packet - myself and my friend used to cycle over the border to Crossmaglen to 'smuggle' these back in the day.

Chocolade flikken mmmmmmmmmm

NonPareils (snow caps) - Non Pareils candy. This is a bag of these snow cap nopareil type candies.

Things of the past ( 70's, 80's, 90's ) - Dingen van vroeger ( 70's, 80's, 90's ) ( Wybertjes )

Things of the past ( ) - Dingen van vroeger ( ) ( Wybertjes )

These were hard on the outside and chewy in the middle - Pascal Fruits made by Cadburys

These were hard on the outside and chewy in the middle - Pascal Fruit Bon Bon made by Cadburys. I do so remembre these.

Tompoucen, typical Dutch pastry. Very nice, but a challenge to eat ;-)

Also typically eaten on kings day, when the Tompoucen are orange (which is the colour of the Netherlands)