Path to the Main Garden

Orchard with mowed paths! You could plant clover and other wildflowers to attract pollinators!

Belgian blue stone, beautiful

VLOER gorgeous metal framed windows and doors -Belgian bluestone floors - Moka Projects

Luster met glas (Ontwerp: Leen Jacobs -

These legs look like they are stacked squares instead of a turned round leg.

natural garden | Titsey Place, Surrey, England

Captivated by the beauty of the Queen Anne's Lace along the fences of the countryside!


This is osmanthus hedging, it has no berries and grows quicker, good scent too when it flowers.Yours can be clipped to form shapes like in the picture.

Klik om te sluiten, klik en sleep om de afbeelding te verplaatsen.

with a few minor adjustments (I am not a fan of the roof tiles over the entrance gate) would work well in the English countryside.