Christmas card idea

idea for kids to do and make a card Cute christmas card idea Smile for me! love - cute family photo idea for next Christmas card christmas c.

tips on posing

10 Photography Tips for Better Outdoor Portraits 10 tips to event planning! 10 rules of photo composition 10 posing tips for group photos wo.

Adorable for fathers day

[tps_header] Fathers Day is almost here, get prepared with a personalized and unique gift. Check out the best 20 Fathers Day DIY gift ideas.[/tps_header] Dad’s Own Toolbox DIY source:.

Hands in a heart shape for class photo... AUCTION PROJECT NOTECARDS!?

Hands in a heart shape for class photo.teacher gift or auction idea. Cover of portfolio with name in the middle.

First birthday idea

First or second birthday. Make a basket look like a hot air balloon with a bundle of colorful balloons tied to the handles. And for a, aqua, and white balloons :)

Photos ideas to take of your own children - Hampton Roads Creative

Photos ideas to take of your own children - Hampton Roads Creative. Good ideas to make sure you don't miss some precious photographs.

great xmas card idea... this family does a GREAT one every year!

Fabulous Christmas card of a family holding pictures of each other, one inside the other. I ♥ this idea!

This not only is part of Equipment but it is also a Technique. Its also used to protect the camera as well. Photography tip - glowing light using a plastic bag around the lens

This trick will have you taking pics like a pro!

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